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As of today, 47 batches representing 15 generations and more than 5,000 full-sub families have been produced and tested in SyAqua's program

We estimate the animal Breeding values by Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP) methodology using the data recorded in the experimental challenge tests and during the grow-out trials performed on the commercial farms. The breeding values estimate an individual's ability to produce high performing offspring with performance determined as a combination of growth and pond survival without the limitation of physical tagging.

SyAqua is one of the pioneering shrimp breeding companies applying molecular biology into their breeding program. Since 2011, we have been developing a genetic markers panel to identify genes associated with quantitative traits and to use them to accurately assign the parents of the selected candidates. This strategy allows us to apply a very high selection intensity and accuracy as we can test all our families from early stages, without the limitation of physical tagging.

We believe we lead the industry in overall knowledge of the P. vannamei genome. This is part of our dedicated effort to developing genetic lines with the most effective combination of growth and survival to optimize yield at the farm.

Syaqua Siam Broodstock - Genetic Gain Across Years
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