Our genetic selection program ensures our broodstock produce the top performing PL in the industry

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We combine selection based on growth and survival so farmers not only harvest earlier, they harvest more with a lower FCR. No other program in the world can beat SyAqua's overall performance on growth and survival. You can be assured of high customer satisfaction from PL produced from SyAqua broodstock, which keeps customers coming back again and again. Our broodstock also perform well in the hatchery with females producing at least 250,000 nauplii per spawn, some customers report production as high as 500,000 nauplii per spawn. Equally important, our nauplii have a high survival rate to PL10, with fewer reports of Zoea syndrome.

We take care to select only the best animals that meet your specific requirements. We provide broodstock from 35g to 55g depending on your preference. We also pre-condition our animals to your salinity specification if required. We pack the broodstock carefully to ensure they arrive in good condition with minimal (usually none) mortality.

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