SyAqua Spiru-Pro Pure Spirulina is a blue-green micro-algae rich in essential amino-acids. A suitable feed for protozoeal through post-larval stages of all penaeid shrimp and marine fish species, it can be used as a partial supplementation or complete replacement for protein in larval feeds.

Product Range


  • High Protein: Rich in protein with 100% spirulina.
  • Natural Vitamin Source: Delivers fast growth, enhanced pigmentation and stronger immunity in post larval stage.
  • Convenient Usage: Suitable for first life stage of shrimp as particle size is below 50μm.
  • Easy and Efficient: Ready-to-use dry algae for time-saving application.

Recommended Feeding Guide:

  • For every 3 million shrimp in 50 MT water, add 2g Spirulina per feeding.
  • Feed 4 - 6 times per day.
  • Wash Spirulina through fine 150 - 200 mesh screen and mix well with clean water prior to feeding.
  • Spread all over the tank.


Spiru-Pro Pure Spriulina is packed in 425 gram cans.

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