SyAqua Instar Gold Artemia Cysts is a 100% pure brine shrimp eggs (artemia cysts) from the great salt lake. This completely all natural product has proven over time to be the very best nutritional source for marine fish and shrimp.

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  • All Natural: 100% harvested from Great Salt Lake
  • Promotes Healthy Growth: Encourages robust shrimp larvae with excellent survival and growth rates
  • Convenient Usage: Ideal and hassle-free live feed for shrimp larvae
  • High Consistency: Large homogeneity for very efficient hatching

Hatching Instructions:

Solution. Use clean sea water or artificial salt water at a salinity of 30 PPT. Avoid iodized table salts. Specific gravity should range from 1.01 to 1.02. PH of 8 is optimal.
Circulation. Once cysts are added to solution, they must be kept in suspension. An air pump works best. Avoid overcirculating which may damage artemia.
Light. Artemia will hatch quicker in natural light at 2000 lux. After hatching, light should be eliminated except at the bottom of tank. This will keep artemia hearty and encourage them to swim forward the bottom of tank.
Temperature and Time. Solution temperature should be maintained at 28-30 degrees Centigrade. Optimal hatching time is 18-24 hours.
Harvest and Feeding. Remove air pump diffuser. Cover as above and allow 10-15 minutes for live nauplii to school forward bottom of tank. Using a plastic tube or hose, siphon live nauplii into fine mesh net. Rinse with fresh water before feeding.
WARNING: Do not hatch in temperatures exceeding 32 degrees Centigrade. Use shaded area to reduce temperature. An excess temperature will result in weak artemia.


Instar Gold Artemia Cysts is packed in 425 gram cans.

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