Using only quality ingredients, SyAqua Booster Pro Shrimp Supplement contains all the necessary nutritional advantages required for healthy marine life growth. Special ingredient such as spirulina helps to increase disease resistance in captive shrimp. The ideal feed to support coloration as well as maintain health and vitality.

Product Range


  • Attractive Staple Food: Contains high protein content and rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Enhances high bio
  • Availability: Reduces size difference and cannibalism.
  • Supports Colouration: Adjusts the algae in nursery water while boosting the immune system.

Recommended Feeding Guide

  • Using 100-250 mesh for fishing net, rub shrimp flake with freshwater and spread evenly into the nursery pond.
  • Every 100,000 larvae/m3 is recommended to feed with the following table.
  • The feeding amount is best consumed in a 10 minute period.
  • Feeding to be done 4-6 times throughout the day.
  • Feeding schedule can be adjusted accordingly.


Booster Pro Shrimp Supplement is packed in 1kg pack.

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