Microparticulate Shrimp Hatchery Feed

SyAqua microparticulate feed contains high quality sources of nutrients in a form suited to the changing feeding habits and developing digestive system of post-larvae.

Product Range

Feed Particle Size
Early Post – Larva Feed (PL 1 - 5) 100 - 250 μm
Late Post – Larva Feed (PL 6 - 12) 200 - 350 μm


  • Ensure water stability through controlled buoyancy maintaining feed in the water column.
  • High Survival - High nutrient availability for stronger PL.
  • Simple to use - Just add straight to the rearing tanks and avoid complex rehydration procedures.

Recommended Feeding Guide

Grams Feed Required/1 million Fry/day.


Microparticulate Shrimp Hatchery Feed is packed in 1Kg cans and 5Kg buckets.

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