ENCAP® - Microencapsulated Shrimp Hatchery Feed

Ingredients of the highest quality and digestibility are microencapsulated within a digestible but water stable capsule to allow better assimilation and utilization. Our microencapsulation process is carried out at low temperature to maximise nutrient and vitamin availability.

Product Range

Ration Particle Size
Zoea Feed < 77 μm
Mysis Feed 77 – 100 μm
Early Post – Larva Feed (PL 1-5) 100 – 250 μm
Late Post – Larva Feed (PL 6-12) 200 – 350 μm


  • Simple to use - Just add straight to the rearing tanks and avoid complex rehydration procedures.
  • Ensure water stability through controlled buoyancy maintaining feed in the water column.
  • Minimal feed wastage to maximise feed intake.
  • Controlled buoyancy - To ensure high food availability in the water column.
  • High Survival - High nutrient availability for stronger larvae.
  • Fast Growth - Targeted nutrition and precise size distribution support fast growth.

Recommended Feeding Guide

Grams Feed Required/1 million Fry/day.
Live feeds (algae and Artemia) should also be used as a supplement to Encap feeds.


ENCAP® hatchery feed is packed in 425 gram cans (12 cans per carton).

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