SyAqua Soil Pro Pond Soil Treatment is a specially formulated biological and biochemical system designed to accelerate the biological decomposition of highly fouled aquaculture pond soil.

Product Range


  • Cost & Time Saving: Avoids need to remove organic matter from ponds, allows pond seeding the day after harvest.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces soil treatments of disinfectants and pH regulators, and fertilizer usage.
  • Improves soil quality: Allows up to 50% less water exchange.
  • Better Growth Rate: Reduces toxic compound levels to create better environment for animal survival rates.
  • Improves production: Allows increased stocking densities.
  • Probiotic Environment: Reduces incidences of shrimp off-flavor.

Treatment Suggestions

Heavy Organic Accumulation:
  • After harvest, drain pond as usual, but leave at least 50cm of water in the water.
  • Hydrate 1-2 kg of product with 2 kg molasses in 100 liters of fresh or clean pond water for 30 minutes with an oxygen tank or air pump running. Broadcast hydration mixture evenly over 1 hectare of pond surface. Do not let hydration mixture stand more than 4 hours.
  • Apply before 10am and wait for 24 hours before pond filling.
  • If possible, use sticks or shovels for better penetration of treated soil.
  • Use two pond soil treatments: 1 kg before pond filling and 1 kg at day 30 after seeding.

Maintenance of Recuperated Soil and for Initial Fertilizer Reduction:
  • Follow the suggestions above but use a 0.5kg treatment before pond filling and a 0.5 kg treatment at day 30 after seeding.

Treatment for Off-Flavor Reduction:
  • Apply 150 kg calcium carbonate per hectare 45 days before harvesting.
  • After 48 hours, make a 40% water exchange from the bottom water.
  • Seal the inlets and outlets of the pond.
  • Apply 2 kg of pond soil treatment per hectare using the activation process above.
  • For best results, split the pond soil treatment into three applications 48 hours apart.


Soil Pro Pond Soil Treatment is packed in 1kg pack.

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