AQUA PRO - Pond Biological Treatment

SyAqua Aqua Pro Pond Biological Treatment is a natural microbial ecosystem with added stabilizers and growth stimulants for detoxifying aquaculture grow-out ponds.

Product Range


  • Clean ponds: Reduces dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite, and sulfide pollutants.
  • Healthier Environment: Suppresses growth of harmful bacteria such as Vibrio sp.
  • Improves animal health: Promotes better survival, yield and weight gain.
  • Improves production: Allows increased stocking densities.
  • Cost & Time Saving: Leaves behind cleaner pond soil, reducing need for water exchanges

Treatment Suggestions

  • Apply the product before problems develop to protect animal’s health and minimize yield problems.
  • In high stocking density, use the product later in the grow-out cycle. For issue of early mortality in the cycle, use concentrated treatment within first 60 days for strongest probiotic effect.
  • Hydrate the product in fresh or clean pond water for 30 minutes (use approximately 1 kg of product per 20 liters water). Broadcast hydrated mixture evenly over pond surface.
  • The following treatment rates are suggested as starting points:
  • After adding the product to an intensive pond, aerate for 48 hours and add 10kg/ha molasses to feed microbes.
  • If unionized ammonia level > 0.4 ppm, apply a 5-kg/ha of product.
  • For heavy Vibrio sp. infestation, add twice the normal dose of product and repeat daily for three consecutive days.


Aqua Pro Pond Biological Treatment is packed in 1kg pack.

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