SyAqua Hatch Pro Biological Hatchery Treatment is a natural microbial ecosystem with added stabilizers and growth stimulants for detoxifying aquaculture hatchery water.

Product Range


  • Cleans hatchery water: Reduces dangerous levels of ammonia, nitrite, and sulfide pollutants.
  • Healthier Environment: Suppresses growth of harmful bacteria such as Vibrio sp and reduces Zoea Syndrome problems.
  • Improves animal health: Promotes better PL survival and yield.
  • Improves production: Allows increased stocking densities.
  • Bio-Secure Environment: Reduces need for water exchanges.
  • Eco-Friendly: Leaves behind cleaner water, reducing pollution from discharge water.
  • Easy & Efficient: Product application requires no activation, disperses in water with no coarse residue to filter.

Treatment Suggestions

  • Apply the product before problems develop to protect animal’s health and minimize survival and yield problems.
  • Dilute 100 gm of the product in at least 1 liter of fresh water free of chlorine or disinfectants. Shake mixture vigorously and broadcast evenly over hatchery tank
surface. Do not let hydration mixture stand more than 4 hours.
  • If in doubt about carbon levels, use 10-50 ppm molasses or sugar each day of larval culture; use higher amount if high ammonia levels are high.
  • The following preventative treatment rates are suggested as starting points:
  • * If water exchange is necessary, use 10 ppm

  • For a heavy Vibrio sp. infestation, add 10 ppm of product per day until eliminated.
  • For high ammonia, add 10 ppm of product per day until reduced to normal.


Hatch Pro Biological Hatchery Treatment is packed in 1kg pack.

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