Who we are

SyAqua is one of the first specific pathogen free (SPF) P. vannamei breeding programs started in 2001
by SyGen, one of the world’s leading breeding companies in livestock.
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SyAqua’s program was unique from the beginning with its roots based on using leading edge breeding technology on a large set of families from two distinct populations. SyAqua was initially based in University of California Berkeley to be close to the team conducting pioneering work in quantitative genetics using a new technique called BLUP – Best Linear Unbiased Predictors. SyAqua was also unique in its founder population of families from the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii as well as a population of domesticated families at the University of Kentucky. Our broad gene base allows us to maintain better genetic gains than other programs which may have only used the O.I. families.

n 2011, SyAqua was acquired by Gold Coin, a Swiss family-owned aqua and livestock nutrition company based in Southeast Asia. Under new ownership, SyAqua continues its legacy in applying advanced breeding technologies and the only program using marker assisted selection in addition to the quantitative genetics. We are pioneering new techniques in shrimp breeding using genomic selection and other tecniques to maintain our high level of genetic gain in each generation. We are now 49 generations since our program started.

image description Our customers get fast growth with a high survival, resulting in high yields and low feed conversion ratios (FCR) — in other words A GREAT RESULT!

Today SyAqua is the leading genetic for P. vannamei with the best overall performance on growth and survival. We believe in a balanced approach to breeding which combines excellent performance in growth as well as survival. We challenge our families against disease resistance, specifically AHPNS (also known as “EMS”) and White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) as the leading global shrimp diseases. We also select for growth performance as we understand the need for a fast growing PL. No other program outperforms SyAqua on both dimensions.


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